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  • Agenda:
    • Agenda Bashing
      • GMSA NG approved CR on NG126 (Kali release of RM), to be approved still by ISAG on 19th October
    • Multi-cloud Security - contents discussion:  Multi-cloud Security - Issue #2314
      • PR#2595 (Ildiko), 2596 (Suresh) - Under review 
    • Multi-cloud (general) -contents discussion: Update RM Ch8 -- Multi- and Edge Cloud - Issues #2314,2568,2574,2578
      • Work in progress on PRs: John H working and PRs coming soon (working with Pankaj) - progressing via Wiki now, PRs to be raised this week
    • Storage - Issues#2056, 2575, 2576, 2578
      • Work in progress on PRs: pending next week
    • Networking Semantics - Issue#2420 - Per coming back on 27th September to take care of PR#2572
      • PR#2572 under review: waiting for Per
      • ALL → Please comment on the new contents proposed by Pankaj Goyal
    • Hardware Acceleration - Issues#2342 - Petar to review and approve (if no further comments)
      • PR#2593 -  ready for review (Hardware Acceleration), ALL→ review and comment
    • Security - Issues#2314,2481,2482,2540,2541,2542,2589, 2620 (Ildiko, Walter)
      • Service mesh security out of scope RA-2, should it be in RM (7.6, 7.9.4); RA-2 plans to develop some contents in RA-2.
      • RM needs to address it as well as recommendations in Sec 7.6
    • PaaS - Issue#2567, waiting for the survey results, to be done in Sec 5.1.5 - updates next week from Pankaj
    • Automation - Issue#2087, "nice to have", changed to BACKLOG
    • Others - Issues#2603,2609 - relate to all GitHub documents, automated numbering, removing html - technical discussion




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