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  • James Gu Update Anuket lab usage poll regarding pod 15/17 that is under spec'd for RI-1
James Gu2021-03-04 Meeting notes
  • James Gu @Arijit discuss how to parellize the 1.8 and 2.0 deployment on the shared pod
James Gu2021-02-18 Meeting notes
Cedric Ollivier2021-02-18 Meeting notes
  • James Gu @Arijit  Investigate porting the downstream AS deploy container to upstream or Anuket
James Gu2021-02-18 Meeting notes

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2021-03-04 Meeting notesJames GuMar 04, 2021
2021-02-18 Meeting notesJames GuFeb 18, 2021

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