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  • Project status update

Discussion items

5 minProject status updateJames
  • POD 15 HW issue was resolved
  • Upgraded pod 15 to Jerma plus (Airship 1.8). P Patchset to re-enable rc-1 gate on pod 15 is in review.
  • Started RI-2 development on LaaS HPE pod
  • Train release development will occur in near future in conjunction with upstream AS treasuremap.
5 minHardwareAl
  • Does AS need POD 18 back? James heard that POD 18 has HW issue. Maybe worth swapping with POD 17 since the pod 17 has only half of the RAM of pod 15 and 18.
  • Agreed to add details to the Anuket lab resource poll wiki to identify the gap of the existing HW
5 minRI-2 projectJames
  • Need RI-2 WS to be alive as both Airship and Kuberef benefit from it
  • Al: Maybe work out a co-lead solution to share the workload

Action items

  • James Gu Update Anuket lab usage poll regarding pod 15/17 that is under spec'd for RI-1