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Airship-based Infrastructure Deployment and Lifecycle Management

Airship-based Infrastructure Deployment and Lifecycle Management is an installer with the goal of deploying and managing the lifecycle of cloud and NFV infrastructure in order to support CNFs and VNFs testing and certification on top of the infrastructure. This project intends to cover:

  • Reference Implementation of cloud and NFV infrastructure according to industry infrastructure architecture model(s), e.g. Akraino blueprints, that Airship fits.
  • Support of the CNF and VNF Testing and Certification running on top of the cloud and NFV infrastructure if so specified in the model(s).

Project Activities

Community Committers

  • James Gu (AT&T) - PTL
  • Parker Berberian (UNH-IOL)
  • Trevor Cooper (Intel)

  • Greg Oberfield (AT&T)

  • Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  • Prakash Ramchandran (Dell)

  • Sridhar Rao (Spirent)
  • Kaspars Skels (AT&T)
  • Bin Yang (Wind River)

Community Contributors

  • Jay Ahn, SK Telecom
  • Mark Beierl, VMWare
  • Jonathan Beltran, AT&T
  • Arijit Bose, Ericsson
  • Manuel Buil, SUSE
  • Vladyslav Drok, Mirantis
  • Stanislav Egorov, Mirantis
  • Stephen Gooch, Wind River
  • Pankaj Goyal, AT&T
  • Gil Hellmann, Wind River
  • Tom Komuro, NTT Communications
  • Jian Li, SK Telecom
  • Munish Mehan, AT&T
  • Jared Miller, Mirantis
  • Pavlo Shchelokovskyy, Mirantis
  • Sanho Shin, SK Telecom
  • Mark Shostak, AT&T
  • Svetlana Shturm, Mirantis
  • Roy Tang, Ericsson
  • Andrey Volkov, Mirantis
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