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  • Project status update

Discussion items

1 minCIRV-SDV envSridhar/James
  • HW issues in pod 10, 15 and 18. Needs a working AS
  • Suggested to share pod 17 (read only)
10 min Airship 1.8 deploy in LaaS HPE POD James Gu
  • In progress. Worked thru issues with gen10 setup. Genesis is complete. Investigating drydock pxe call failure.
  • 3 node AS 2.0 cluster is up in wwt lab! Need to pull latest form last couple of weeks and align with treasure map and airshipctl, expecting baremetal reference in upstream 2.0.
  • bios changes required for Redfish, not tested for AS 1.8
  • HPE redfish flavor plugin TBD
15 min
  • suggest to containerize AS deploy so cross test ci can generate the Jenkins jobs
  • expect to work on the openstack blacklist tomorrow
5 minOS TrainArijit
  • starting the work in upstream
  • L2/L3 support needs follow up discussion with RA spec and upstream

Action items