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Revision:  r2.  Approved by TSC on  

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TSC approved Sign OffSign OffEmail vote


TSC approved M4M4


Uploaded r2M4, M5,
Sign Off
New schedule to reflect schedule slip approved by TSC.  Also added dates for January Dev & Test Forum.


TSC approved a slip to the remaining schedule 

M4, M5,
Sign Off

This was done to accommodate ongoing issues with RI2 (see meeting notes).


PR Review with TSCM3This satisfied the conditional approval of M3.

TSC conditionally approved M3M3Conditioned on Specification Team reviewing PRs with TSC


TSC approved a two-week slip to M3M3No other milestones affected


TSC conditionally approved M2M2Conditioned on a review of the traceability matrix


TSC approved M1M1

TSC acknowledged that RI1 is unsupported for Lakelse.  

Although M1 was approved two weeks after the scheduled date, the TSC agreed with the RM recommendation to keep the remainder of the schedule as is with no slip.


TSC approved initial scheduleAll

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  1. I can understand starting the release on a Tuesday but can the milestone dates be a Friday or preferably Sunday?