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Like all open source projects, the Anuket project is open to everyone and participating in the Anuket community is the best way to learn. Participation starts with setting up a Linux Foundation ID, joining the mailing lists, attending meetings, asking questions, and contributing. The community is welcoming to newcomers and we encourage you to get started today.

Linux Foundation ID / My Profile / Single Sign-On

For access to Anuket’s environment (wikis, repos, developer tools), you will need a Linux Foundation ID. If you don't have one already, you can get one here. Please use your company email address for the Linux Foundation account and don’t have spaces or special characters in your username. 

MyProfile is your self-service hub for all of your open source activity. Build your personal community profile, manage credentials and contact details, display badges for completing certifications and other accomplishments, and enjoy a seamless login experience across the major systems used by the Linux Foundation projects. Learn more.

Single Sign-On is a service that offers secure access and protects the identities of all its community members. The Linux Foundation systems and services like Events Registration, Training and Certification, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Gerrit,, Crowdfunding, Mentorship, EasyCLA, Insights, and Security are all protected by the SSO service. Learn more.


Anuket GitHub (legacy CNTT)

Anuket Gerrit (legacy OPNFV)

Anuket Slack Channel

Standing Meetings / Mailing Lists

WhatWhenSubscribe to Calendar / Zoom LinksSubscribe to Mailing List
Anuket Weekly Technical DiscussionMonday, 5am Pacific
Anuket RA1 MeetingMonday, 1500 UTC
Anuket RA2 Meeting
Anuket RC2 Meeting

Thursday, 1600 London

Anuket TSC meetingTuesday, 6am Pacific

Anuket RM MeetingWednesday, 2000 UTC

Zoom link:

To sign-up to RM project send blank email to
Anuket CIRV project meetingThursday, 0830UTCZoom link:
Anuket Marketing Working GroupFriday, 9am PacificMore Info: (Legacy Meld Zone)

See all the Anuket Mailing Lists

Getting Help

For general Anuket questions, email: For technical support, please use for help requests. More details on the procedure described in this “Getting LF IT Help” document. 


Creating a welcoming, safe, and productive collaboration environment is very important to the Linux Foundation. Thus, participation in the LF Project communities is done under the Linux Foundation Code of Conduct.

All meetings for Linux Foundation projects are subject to the LF Antitrust Policy.

Learning Opportunities

Read the Anuket Technical Project Deep Dive presentation from the Anuket Launch Event. 

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