Anuket Project

General problems and support requests

If you need help with anything IT-related for your LF IT project, please use our Service Desk
platform to open a support request:

Choose “Project Services” as your support category and then start typing your question into
the field provided. As you type, the system will suggest knowledge base articles that may help
you find an applicable self-service solution.
If none of the suggested articles are helping you resolve your problem, please navigate the
menus under the input field to select the category that best reflects the nature of your

We can help you faster and better if you provide a detailed explanation of the problem in the
description field of your new support request. Once you submit the request, you can track its
status by selecting “Requests->My Requests” in the top-right of the Service Desk interface. If
there are any changes to your request, you will receive an automated email notification.
Our response time to routine support requests will vary depending on the nature of the
request and will generally be handled during US business hours.
Urgent problems and system outages

The following are the primary improvements you should expect after migration is complete:

  • Single Sign-On with other Linux Foundation sites, using the same LF ID credentials
  • Integration with knowledge base articles to help identify possible self-service solutions
  • Ability to track all your support requests across various projects via the same service desk interface
  • Ability to see public issues created by other members of your project

Linux Foundation IT teams have extensive monitoring and alerting in place that should
recognize and escalate system outage reports as they occur. Please check the following site to
see if there are known issues affecting LF IT infrastructure:

If you have reason to believe that the problem you are seeing is not covered by any known
outage reports, please use the service desk instructions above to create a new issue and pick
the “Report a System Problem” as the category. Setting issue urgency to “Critical” will escalate
your issue to on-call personnel regardless of the time of day. We ask you to please use this
option as your last resort.

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