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Anuket Technical Discussions

Wednesday, 7:00am to 8:00am

(UTC-06:00) Mountain Time - Denver (MDT)

Anuket Weekly Technical Discussions
Anuket RA1 MeetingMonday, 1430 UTCRA1 Meeting Minutes
Anuket RA2 MeetingMonday, 00 UTCRA2 Meeting Minutes
Anuket RI2 and RC2 MeetingEvery Other Wednesday, 1500 UTC
Anuket TSC meetingTuesday, 6am Pacific

2023 Agenda and Minutes List

Anuket RM Meeting

Wednesday, 9am Eastern Time (US&Canada)

Anuket RM Meetings Minutes

Zoom link:

To sign-up to RM project send blank email to
Anuket CIRV project meetingThursday, 0830UTC2021 Meeting MinutesZoom link:
Anuket Marketing Working GroupFriday, 9am Pacific
More Info: (Legacy Meld Zone)

Anuket Barometer project meeting

Tuesday, 15h00 UTC (based on 15h00 Irish time, depending on DST)

Note: as of February 22, 2022

MeetingsZoom link:
Anuket Release Meeting


Note: this meeting is only active when we are approaching a release milestone, or when there are process issues to resolve.  Check the agenda page for the current status, or contact David McBride.


Anuket ViNePerf Project Meeting

Wednesdays -  6AM Pacific Time.

2022 Agenda and MinutesZoom Link:
Anuket Thoth Project MeetingFridays 1300 UTCThoth-Meeting MinutesZoom Link:

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  1. Sandra Jackson Beth Cohen Gergely Csatari 

    Anuket TSC Meeting:

    1. Link to Agenda/Minutes is to 2021
    2. Subscribe to Calendar information (the feed) is different from what is on the calendar site: so which is correct?

     Can an email be sent with the correct information? Thanks

    Pankaj Goyal