Anuket Project


Sridhar Rao

Rohit Singh Rathaur

Girish L

Anjali Goyal

Lincoln Lavoie

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1Framework to Use

Decision: Use LF Acumos.

Deployment Status: 

Resource: Min 32GB. Not an issue.

UI: GUI can be used. Marketplace.

2Updates Survey : With Implementation Details

Completed Will upload by EOD Today.

Updated file with Implementation details of few papers.

2Try out the existing FP models

FP Availability: ARIMA and RNN.

Feasibility: Both can be used in Acumos

Data (existing)

(a) Infrastructure

(b) VNF - Resource consumption - CPU, Memory, ..

(c) Logs.

Target Date: 18th June 2021

Target: Demo existing FP on Acumos, in Intel Pod.

3Failure Prediction Definition

Status: Ongoing

Target Completion Date: 15-June 2021

  1. Infrastructure --- Node, Network, etc.
  2. VMs, Container – Virtual Links too.
  3. Application - Service. Whenever a service is not accessible, we can consider it as a failure.

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