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AI/ML for NFV Usecases

6 is the number of Thoth, and Ibis/Beak-of-Ibis is one of the symbols  of Thoth - The above symbol captures both.


AI has the potential in creating value in terms of enhanced workload availability and improved performance and efficiency for NFV use cases. This work aims to build machine-Learning models and Tools that can be used by Telcos (typically by the operations team in Telcos). Each of these models aims to solve a single problem within a particular category. For example, the first category we have chosen is Failure prediction, and we aim to create 6 models - failure prediction of VMs. Containers, Nodes,  Network-Links, Applications, and middleware services. This project also aims to define a set of data models for each of the decision-making problems, that will help both providers and consumers of the data to collaborate. 



Updated: 19-November



Decision-Driven Data Analytics.


Rohit Singh Rathaur 


Sridhar K. N. Rao Sridhar Rao 

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  1. Rohit Singh Rathaur
  2. Kanak Raj 
  3. Shubhank Saxena 
  4. Akanksha Singh
  5. Jahanvi Ojha

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Topic: AI/ML for NFV
Time: 13:00 Universal Time UTC

Day: Every week on Friday
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Meeting ID: 961 6391 1066
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1Girish L

Survey of:

  1. Existing works on AI/ML in Networking - works related to NFV - problems, ML-Techniques, Data, etc.
  2. NFV Problems - Event Correlation, VNF Placement, Anomaly Detection, VNF Failure Prediction, and Synthetic Data Generation.
  3. OSS Projects for AI/ML that can be (re)used
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