Anuket Project


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Target Release NameOrinoco
Project Lifecycle StateIncubation


This project aims to build machine-Learning models and tools that can be used by Telcos (typically by the operations team in Telcos). Each of these models aims to solve single problem within a particular category.


CategoryJira ReferenceDescription
  1. NICIP platform operation (gitlab)  Lei Huang 
  2. Improve AlgoSelector Tool.Sridhar Rao
  3. Timeseries Dataset Analysis tool. Sridhar Rao 
  4. Data Anonymozation Tool. Yichen Li TBD


  1. Continue collaboration with Mindspore Lei Huang 
  2. Kubeflow with Models of AlgoSelector Sridhar Rao Rohit Singh Rathaur 

NICIP research paper with ITU-T 13 Lei Huang 

  1. Collect network intelligence scenario requirements from operators, publish network intelligence scenarios and research reports in collaboration with ITU-T 13 project Beth Cohen Lei Huang @Joao
  2. Publish at least one network intelligence scenario competition problem on NICIP platform, include NFV log analysis scenario,etc. Lei Huang 
  3. Publish at least one open network operation and maintenance data set on the network intelligent collaborative innovation project platform Lei Huang 
  4. Create NICIP project specific page on LFN website(like 5G BP), and publicize project through Webinar and other meeting, including LFN DTF, ONES,etc. Lei Huang 
  5. Jointly promote R&D with external open source communities such as LF AI Lei Huang

Release Artifacts


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ML-Models Data Mining Based Log AnalysisJupyter Notebook, Python Script
ToolsAlgoselector, TS-Dataset Analysis Tool.Jupyter Notebook, Python Script
Research Studies

AI/ML problems in NFV, OSS Frameworks

AI/ML & Kubernetes in NFV

.md files and/or pdf files.
ML-FrameworkUpstream ML framework projectIntegration Code.


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Test and Verification

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TestbedRequest for Intel POD-18
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