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Containerization of traffic generators with Xtesting - Sridhar Rao

  • Initial architecture: Integration with Xtesting - Lakelse
  • Discussion of traffic generators.  Where do they need to be installed? 
  • They need to have additional tools installed either inside or outside the environment to test. 
  • Need to deploy the tools (Rapid and Prox), then use K8S APIs to run the tests and collect results. 
  • For this work the test results are pass/fail.  Stdout from "rapid" is additional results.
  • So where do you put the control function (Rapid) to start and stop the traffic generator (Prox),
  • Currently it HAS to be inside the environment, better to move It to outside.
  • One approach
    • There is a need for an application to LCM the test framework pods (Rapid, Prox), collect the results and calculate the test results
    • If this application is outside of the cluster and uses the Kubernetes API-s
    • For this the integration between Rapid and Xtesting needs to be modified
    • Presentation of the output needs to be also changed
  • Maybe there are alternate approaches
    • If the complete Xtesting runs within the cluster the integration will be more easy, but in that case collecting the results is ugly and difficult
  • In RA2 there are no guidelines about what are the mandatory service types
    • E.g.: Nodeport, Loadbalancer, External IP
    • There is an RA2 issue about this:
    • The approach for SSH connection is not defined without this
      • Best candidate would be Loadbalancer, for this RA2 should add Loadbalancer as a mandatory service
    • There are tests about Ingress in the Kubernetes conformance test suite
    • We are not sure if KubeRef has Loadbalancer or External IP installed
    • This is a pre requisite for successful testing
  • Desired architecture:
  • Possible workaround:
  • Next steps
    • Nodeport is not a nice solution, but that supported by every Kubernetes deployments
      • For this the exact node and the port should be figured out
      • Nodeport is disliked by several telcos
      • It is good as a first iteration, let's start with this
    • Desired solution would be Loabalancer, but that needs an discussion in RA2 what cold take some time


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