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Target Scenario

Target Traffic-generator: DPPD-PROX

Target Test - TST 009.

Target CNI - OVS/Calico


ViNePerf - Xtesting Container for K8S DP-tests

List of Operations:

1.Deploy Pods (both vineperf and prox)

2.Deploy ClusterIP Service

3. Talk to ViNePerf pod to run tests - when run_all is called from Xtesting f/w.

4. Collect the results from ViNePerf Pod (logs)

5. Provide the results to Xtesting.

Alternate Approach:

  1. Reuse existing rapid - Xtesting.
  2. Run Xtesting within the cluster.
    1. On a Master Node directly.
    2. As a pod in the cluster.

To-Do Tasks


Modify the 'standard-output' for vineperf runs. 

(a) based on a flag.

(b) Only results - summary and detailed.

Create tool to deploy ViNePerf Pod and Trafficgen Pods and gather information

(a) Pod/deployment defn files.

(b) heat Templates

Shreya's work.
Create Xtesting-ViNeperf container application that will use above work to automate and integrate with Xtesting
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