Anuket Project


  1. Beth Cohen (Verizon) - co-chair
  2. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra) - Proxy by Beth Cohen 
  3. guanyu zhu (Huawei)
  4. Gergely Csatari (Nokia) - co-chair
  5.  Joao Rodrigues (Nokia) - Proxy by Gergely Csatari 

Absent (TSC)

  1. Lincoln Lavoie 
  2. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori

Other Attendees 





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5 min
2 min
  • Announcements

5 min
  • Release Updates

  • Pieman
    • Content freeze is in 3 weeks
5 minutes
  • LFN 2024 Mentorship Program
    • Deadline for project proposals: 17 Mar 2024
    • Time scale
      • 20 hours per week for 24 consecutive weeks
      • 40 hours per week for 12 consecutive weeks
    •  Ideas
      • Moving readthedocs from CNTT to Anuket
      • Editing work in RM
        • Automating the GSMA document creation
        • Checking links
5 minutes

  • Gergely Csatari sent the message, no objection received against cleaning the Jenkins queues
  • It is okay to cleanup the Jenkins queues
  • Can be removed from the agenda

5 min
  • What is left is that it needs to be published.  It has been approved.
  • Ongoing
5 min
  • Separate repo and readthedocs or one repo and readthedocs

10 min
  • Walter as the board representative
  • A: Sandra Jackson to run a report on Anuket contributors and commit report

No updates.

  • The contribution information is in insights
  • Anuket is not in the new insights yet
  • A: Sandra Jackson to open a ticket to include Anuket to LFX Insights
2 min
  • SPC and TAC update

SPC met and discussed the D&TF.  We will have some kind of "free" tickets available that the PTLs will be able to give to interested attendees for 1 day passes.  Details to be worked out by the LFN staff.  Question came up on what the CNTI was doing and also how active Sylva was.  Were either of them using Anuket?  Answer, yes, but not directly.  No other topics.

No TAC updates as no TAC.

2 min
  • PTL and WSL Stand-up

Sub-project Leaders

No updates.
5 min

Technical Officer Updates

  • AI Taskforce is working on the updated AI White Paper will be presented at the ONE Summit.
  • Weekly Technical Meeting has no topics, so it will be cancelled
1 minAOBBeth Cohen None