Anuket Project


  1. Beth Cohen (Verizon) - co-chair
  2. guanyu zhu (Huawei)
  3. Lincoln Lavoie 
  4. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  5. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori 

Absent (TSC)

  1. Gergely Csatari (Nokia) - co-chair
  2.  Joao Rodrigues (Nokia)

Other Attendees 





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5 min

Quorum Met.

No changes to the agenda

Previous minutes approved. 2024-02-06 TSC Agenda and Minutes

2 min
  • Announcements

Please put in any sessions for the D&TF for Anuket
5 min
  • Release Updates

No updates.
5 minutes
No updates
5 min

Up to Sandra Jackson to publish the updated charter.

5 min
  • Separate repo and readthedocs or one repo and readthedocs

Two chapters of the RM cannot be rendered.  Walter Kozlowski is tracking down the issue with the LFN team. 

10 min
  • Walter as the board representative
  • A: Sandra Jackson to run a report on Anuket contributors and commit report
  • A: Gergely Csatari  to doublecheck the TAC ask related to the AI task force and Anuket.
  • No update
2 min
  • SPC and TAC update
Beth will be proxy until March when the timing works better for Walter.
@Walter needs to send a note to the SPC PM to give me access to the meeting. Beth has access to the meeting again.

2 min
  • PTL and WSL Stand-up

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

Technical Officer Updates

  • Weekly technical meeting will be cancelled due to no topics
  • CNTI meetings started
    • A: Gergely Csatari will send a mail to the tech discuss list with the meeting details
1 minAOBBeth Cohen None