Anuket Project


  1. Scot Steele - co-chair
  2. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  3. Gergely Csatari (Nokia) - co-chair
  4. Beth Cohen (Verizon)
  5. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  6. guanyu zhu (Huawei)
  7. incoln Lavoie (UNH)

Absent (TSC)

  1. Dan Xu (Huawei)
  2. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori (Vodafone)

Other Attendees 

  1. Fabio Palumbo 





Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
2 min


  •  F2F DnTF 2023.11.13 - 2023.11.16 - Budapest
  • Open Infrastructure Summit in Vancouver last week. It includes also the forum and PTG – Report next week
  • This is the last TSC meeting of Scot Steele 

  • DnTF
    • No updates
  • Open Infrastructure Summit
  • Last TSC meeting of Scot Steele 
    • Best of luck for Scot
5 min
  • Dedicate Orinoco release to the memory of Al Morton
    • A: Beth Cohen will put together a message to the starting page of Orinoco documentation on Al Morton contributions to the project and the community.
5 min
5 min
  • Feedback on the Mid-Year Project Review -May 16th and 17th

  • No feedback yet
5 min
    • Anuket Assured
    • Anuket TSC participation is needed!!!!
  • Sandra Jackson is OoO, therefore we did not have the meeting today
  • We will not have the meeting on either
5 min
  • Volunteer for RC2 PTL
  • Volunteer for Release Manager
    • Proposal:
      • Invent a release management procedure where the release management tasks are distributed between the PTL-s and the TSC
    • Proposal for short term
      • Decision:
        • Anuket will not start the Pieman release without a release manager
        • We wait for 3 months to resolve the release manager issue and re-assess the situation after 3 months.
  • Volunteer RM PTL
  • TSC seat of Pankaj Goyal 
5 min
Fabio Palumbo 
  • Subsciption was updated
  • Pull limit should already increase
  • We still need to fix Jenkins to see if the push limit was raised
  • This is done
5 min

Release Updates

  • Orinoco
    • RM is done with the proofreading
    • RA1 build is failing and needs OPNFV build server to be added to linkcheck ignore
    • RC2 done with proofreading
    • RA2 is done with proofreading
    • TSC approves M4-S with the condition that RA1 build is fixed
      • +1: 4
      • No vote: 3
      • M4-S for Orinoco is approved
    • TSC agrees to move the M5 of Orinoco to  
      • +1: 4
      • No vote: 3
      • M5 was moved to  
  • Pieman planning
    • RA2 started to collect the outsdanding items of Orinoco what the sub-project will continue to work on. These will eventually land in Pieman once the release is started.
  • Release names
    • Pages created for "Q" "R" and "S" release names, link added to minutes. Regions are "Q" for North America, "R" for Caribbean and "S" for Australia.
    • If TSC agrees  Sandra Jackson will send out an email to the Anuket community. 
      • TSC agrees that Sandra Jackson sends out an email to the Anuket comunity

  • PCAC
    • Main docs
    • Picolo theme
      • Add Piccolo theme to the sub-projects
      • A: Gergely Csatari to check with Cedric Ollivier why the readthedocs projects are not building
        • RA1 - pull/3364 - needs 2 more reviewers
        • RI1 - pull/3365 - needs 2 more reviewers
        • RC2 - pull/3366 - needs 2 more reviewers
        • Vineperf - volunteer wanted
        • Functest - volunteer wanted
        • Barometer - volunteer wanted

  • RA1, RI1 and RC2 Piccolo pr-s are moving to Pieman
2 min
  • SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
  • TAC
    • Elections: Muddasar Ahmed is the vice chairperson
    • DnTF follow up
      • 173 registered, 189 actual participants
      • Sessions are uploaded and published to YouTube Playlist
      • We should invite Sylva to the Budapest DnTF
        • Kenny Paul will find out if the Bilbao LF Europe event is planned to be a developer event or something else. It would be good if Sylva would consider the DnTF as their developer event
      • We should invite also Nephio to the DnTF
    • Marketing
      • It would be good if the TAC would delegate someone to the MAC
      • Anuket TSC should have a MAC representative. Who is it??
      • Beth Cohen is the MAC delegate of Anuket
    • Security
      • OpenSSF Scorecard is not supported yet, but that would be the most usefull for for Anuket
  • SPC is continuing to meet to discuss the need for a new direction as the realities of changes in the industry are affecting participation of the projects.  SPC 2023-06-26 Meeting notes
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

  • No update
5 min

No updates.

  • We will not have the weekly technical meeting from next 3 weeks.
1 minAOBScot Steele 
  • Do we have a TSC call on ?
    • NO!!!!