Anuket Project


  1. Gergely Csatari  (Nokia, Co-Chair)
  2. Walter Kozlowski(Telstra)
  3. Beth Cohen (Verizon)
  4. guanyu zhu (Huawei)
  5. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori (Vodafone)
  6. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  7. incoln Lavoie (UNH)

Absent (TSC)

  1. Dan Xu (Huawei)
  2. Pankaj Goyal  (Microsoft)
  3. Scot Steele (Co-Chair)

Other Attendees 

  1. Olivier Smith 
  2. Al Morton (AT&T)
  3. Ildiko Vancsa (OIF)





Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
Gergely Csatari 

Added discussion about Jenkins situation per Fabio Palumbo 

2 min



None at this time.
5 min
Have three Anuket topics so should be ready for the meeting.  Waiting to confirm presenters can be available during the time slots chosen.
5 min
  • Had a major outage of the servers last week.  Still an open problem.  Some processes in the build queue are still causing Jenkins to crash.  The server has been upgraded, for now, working but not stable.  
  • If it does not get fixed in a day or two, the team will rebuild a new instance.
  • Don't add any pull requests until the fix is completed.
5 min
5 min
  • Feedback on the Mid-Year Project Review -May 16th and 17th

  • The Anuket requests are handled by the LFN GB. GB will create a formal resolution and share it with Anuket. estimation is beginning of June. Aware of our end of June deadline.
5 minGergely Csatari 

5 min
  • Value of Anuket / Anuket Task force
    • Anuket Assured
5 min
  • Volunteer for RC2 PTL
  • Volunteer for Release Manager
  • Ratification of Rohit Singh Rathaur as the Thoth PTL (Thoth PTL Election)
5 min
Fabio Palumbo 
  • Docker is still analyzing the proposal from Anuket
5 min
Release Updates

  • We do not have Scot Steele 
  • Orinoco
    • M4-S  
  • Pieman
    • No planing started
  • New release name
    • We need to start choosing name for Q, R  and S releases
    • Sandra Jackson will start the process

  • PCAC
    • Relevance of Anuket Consumability for the TSC
    • Picolo theme
      • Add Piccolo theme to the sub-projects
        • Root - needs Sphinx version bump opnfvdocs/+/73861 - needs one more person to review
        • Root of Anuket specs - pull/3311 - needs 2 more person to review
        • RM - pull/3360 - needs reviewers
        • RA1 - pull/3364 - needs reviewers
        • RA2 - pull/3315 - Done
        • RI1 - pull/3365 - needs reviewers
        • RI2 - Done
        • RC2 - pull/3366 - needs reviewers
        • Vineperf - volunteer wanted
        • Functest - volunteer wanted
        • Kuberef - kuberef/+/73866 - needs 2 more person to review
        • Barometer - volunteer wanted
        • Thoth - are there any docs published yet?

  • Review!!!
2 min
  • SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
  • No meetings → No update
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

  • Weekly Technical Meeting will be cancelled
  • GSMA

1 minAOB
  • None