Anuket Project


  1. Walter Kozlowski(Telstra)
  2. Gergely Csatari  (Nokia, Co-Chair)
  3. Scot Steele (Co-Chair)
  4. Beth Cohen (Verizon)
  5. guanyu zhu (Huawei)
  6. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori (Vodafone)
  7. Lincoln Lavoie
  8. Georg Kunz 

Absent (TSC)

  1. Dan Xu (Huawei)
  2. Pankaj Goyal  (Microsoft)

Other Attendees 

  1.  Kenny Paul 
  2. Ildiko Vancsa 
  3. Olivier Smith 
  4. David McBride 
  5. Sandra Jackson 
  6. Fabio Palumbo 





Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
2 min

  • Vancouver Open Source Summit co-located ONE Summit Regional Day is not targeting developers this is why it was not advertised for the community
Regional Day was not a developer event, so not as well publicized. 
ff5 min
  • No topics submitted yet
  • Topic submission deadline is  
5 min
Sandra Jackson 
5 min
  • Value of Anuket
5 min
  • RC2 PTL
    • Scot Steele steps away at the end of June
    • Maybe merger with RA2 is an option. Blocking issue is that RA2 team is already too slim. Riccardo does not have the bandwidth to lead the combined project.
  • Release Manager
    • It is possible to can make an exception in the RMSS process for Anuket to have only one RM
    • If we do not find an RM volunteer we will request staff support from the Board to do the Anuket Release Management
5 min
Fabio Palumbo 
  • Fabio Palumbo resubmitted the application to Docker. No response received yet.
  • If we need to pay we have the financial things sorted out
5 min
Release Updates

  • Orinoco
    • RC2 needs help
  • Pieman
    • Planning needs to be started
    • Scot Steele will set up the boilerplate wiki pages
2 min
  • Anuket survey
    • Results of the survey
    • A: Pano Xinos to write a summary of the survey
Beth Cohen 
  • Pano has not done the summary.  Using the results on the Anuket Futures Taskforce.
2 min
Sandra Jackson 
  • Functest repos were removed in GitLab
  • This issue is closed

  • PCAC
    • Relevance of Anuket Consumability for the TSC
    • Picolo theme
      • Add Picolo theme to the sub-projects
        • Root - needs Sphinx version bump opnfvdocs/+/73861 - needs one more person to review
        • Root of Anuket specs - pull/3311 - needs 2 more person to review
        • RM - volunteer wanted
        • RA1 - volunteer wanted
        • RA2 - pull/3315 - Done
        • RI1 - volunteer wanted
        • RI2 - Done
        • RC1 - volunteer wanted
        • RC2 - Scot Steele  will do it
        • Vineperf - volunteer wanted
        • Functest - volunteer wanted
        • Kuberef - kuberef/+/73866 - needs 2 more person to review
        • Barometer - volunteer wanted
        • Thoth - are there any docs published yet?
    • [Starting page] editorial changes in Anuket-structure.png
      • needs one more person to review

No updates this week

2 min
  • SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
  • No update on TAC
  • SPC will be today
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

  • No update
5 min

  • No topics proposed to the Weekly Technical Meeting, so the meeting will be cancelled
1 minAOB
  • None