Anuket Project


  1. Dan Xu (Huawei) - Proxy by guanyu zhu 
  2. Scot Steele (Co-Chair)
  3. Walter Kozlowski(Telstra) Proxy Scot Steele 
  4. Gergely Csatari  (Nokia, Co-Chair)
  5. Beth Cohen (Verizon)
  6. Lincoln Lavoie
  7. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)

Absent (TSC)

  1. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori
  2.  ankaj Goyal (Microsoft)

Other Attendees 

  1. Al Morton (AT&T)
  2.  Pano Xinos 





Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)

5 min

Recording of the meeting: 2023-04-11 Anuket TSC.mp4

Quorum reached.

Added to agenda:

Volunteer proposal from Scot Steele 

Item regarding elections from Sandra Jackson 

Meeting minutes from previous week are approved (2023-04-04 TSC Agenda and Minutes)

2 min


  • Community Election Procedure:
    • A: Gergely Csatari will implement the changes proposed in comments and propose for voting next week
5 min
  • RC2 PTL
    • Proposal from Scot Steele Instead of having a separate RC2 maybe we should embed RC2 to RA2
    • Something similar happened with RC1 and RA1 without a TSC decision
    • Finding the demarcation between specification and conformance was always the struggle in Anuket
    • Let's discuss in the Weekly Technical Meeting on for 30 mins
  • Release Manager
    • No volunteer yet
  • Thoth PTL
    • Scot Steele sent the mail to the TSC mailing list he will also forward to the Tech Discuss List
  • Interim TSC election for the seat of Lei Huang
    • Got two nominations.
5 min
Fabio Palumbo 
5 min
Release Updates
  • Scot Steele forgot to send the mail to move the M3 to today
  • A: Scot Steele to send out a mail about moving M3 to  
2 min
  • Anuket survey
    • Results of the survey
    • A: Pano Xinos to write a summary of the survey
Beth Cohen 
  • Results are in
    • 12 responses alltogether.  The results reflect the reduction of resources we have seen in the project itself.  Companies are mixed about using Anuket in their own infrastructure architecture planning. Some are open about it, while others are not sharing how they are using it.
    • A: Pano Xinos to write a summary of the survey
2 min
Sandra Jackson 

  • PCAC
    • Relevance of Anuket Consumability for the TSC
    • Picolo theme
      • Add Picolo theme to the sub-projects
        • Root - needs Sphinx version bump opnfvdocs/+/73861 - needs one more person to review
        • Root of Anuket specs - pull/3311 - needs 2 more person to review
        • RM - volunteer wanted
        • RA1 - volunteer wanted
        • RA2 - pull/3315 - Done
        • RI1 - volunteer wanted
        • RI2 - Done
        • RC1 - volunteer wanted
        • RC2 - Scot Steele  will do it
        • Vineperf - volunteer wanted
        • Functest - volunteer wanted
        • Kuberef - kuberef/+/73866 - needs 2 more person to review
        • Barometer - volunteer wanted
        • Thoth - are there any docs published yet?
    • [Starting page] editorial changes in Anuket-structure.png
      • needs one more person to review

  • Still looking for volunteers in the TSC to support the work
2 min
  • SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 
  • SPC will happen today
  • TAC will be on Wednesday
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

  • No updates
1 minAOB
  • Nope