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Meeting Minutes

Development Updates:


  • Updated Jira, please have a look at:
  • CIRV-52, CIRV-53, CIRV-54, CIRV-55, CIRV-56, CIRV-57, CIRV-58, CIRV-59, CIRV-60, CIRV-61, CIRV-62, CIRV-63, CIRV-64, CIRV-65, CIRV-67, CIRV-68

Intern Updates and Queries:

  • CPU Manager:
    • Q: How to configure full-pcpu-only?

      • CPUManagerPolicy is supported by kubelet by default and can be configured.

      • For CPUManagerPolicyOptions:

        • It was introduced in this release.(1.22), Currently in Alpha

        • First you need to enable it by adding --feature-gates="CPUManagerPolicyOptions=true" flag to kubelet cmd while restarting it.

        • Just edit /etc/systemd/system/kubelet.service.d/10-kubeadm.conf and in it, then restart it with systemctl restart kubelet.service

        • Then update /var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml with desired configuration

        • remove /var/lib/kubelet/cpu_manager_state file before restarting kubelet(when changing cpu config)

        • Now it should be updated.

  • Checkout Kubevirt:
    • Whether Kubevirt is installed and healthy.
  • helmv2_disabled check:
    • This check fails if Helm-v2 is being used inside the cluster.
  • CNI:
    • multi_interface_pod_enabled check
      • check whether cluster is configured with any metaplugin which allows multi-interface pods.
      • i.e. This check passes if default cni plugin is any one of: multus, danm, genie(
    • CNI list check:
      • check available CNI against the list provided in PDF file.
  • Device Plugins:

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