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The CNTT (Common NFVI Telecom Taskforce) launched officially in June 2019.  Its mission is to define a common NFV Infrastructure to simplify the development and deployment of virtualized networking application for the telecom industry.  The group held its first community wide F2F meeting with around 80 vendor and operator attendees, with the objective of gathering requirements for the contents of the Release 2 document. CNTT develops Reference Models and Reference Architectures.  This is a wiki space for using those outputs to create Reference Implementations and Reference Certifications

The CIRV project is a bootstrap project for validation and testing requirement coming from CNTT. Also note that CIRV is not the only project working closely with CNTT. Airship ( is working on Reference Implementations of CNTT. And Functest ( provide comformance tests and Xtesting framework for Reference Comformance.

Project description:

CNTT is currently working on the common NFVi reference model and reference architecture. The goals of CNTT can only be achieved if the model and architecture specifications end up being implemented as a reference for vendors to compare their commercial products against.  Therefore, it is this project’s goal to work with upstream communities and other related projects in Anuket to create reference implementations as one or several scenarios of Anuket, along with required test cases and test frameworks.

Detailed mission for this project includes:

  • This project will act a feature project which is responsible for defining RI scenarios that comply with the CNTT reference model and reference architectures.
  • Work with upstream projects to defined RI details including detailed scenario descriptions and integration strategies.
  • Work with relevant projects in Anuket, including installer projects, testing projects, infrastructure projects, to integrate, deploy and test RIs as part of Anuket release life-cycle.
  • Implement a limited number of RIs that address CNTT reference architectures to meet operators’ requirements. Limit the number of RI to ensure limiting the VNF verification effort
  • Develop test-cases for testing RI.  These test cases could be used by the compliance program for verification and compliance.
  • Work with LF Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC) to integrate RI, test cases and test frameworks within OVP compliance Framework.

As the Common NFVI initiative matures, project scope is expected to grow significantly. This project will periodically review scope and make recommendations to the TSC as to whether it should be split into multiple projects focusing on different areas, by far it has included cirv-sdv for software delivery validation, cirv-hdv for hardware delivery validation, in 2021, we would like to introduce a new project cirv-pdf as the PDF definition implementation place holder,  it's foreseen that much more project might be introduced with Anuket mission.


The project will act as the landing space for CNTT RA within Anuket, and will be a starting point for creating RIs. The scope of this project includes:

  • Work with communities of upsteam ingredients and with CNTT, to adopt Reference Architectures defined in CNTT
  • Translate RAs into deployable scenario descriptions, which can be considered as Reference Implementations for CNTT
  • Figuring out gaps for current components of RA, and work with upsteams or related projects in Anuket to close the gap.
  • Work with installer projects, to generate scenarios and deployable code packets for specific installers
  • Work with testing projects, provide test requirements and test cases for RI testing, including the identification, and documentation of needed test cases.
  • Work with LFN Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC) to integrate RI, test cases/frameworks with OVP Framework.

Anuket Testing Projects that are already looking to meet CNTT requirements with new features should continue to do so.


  • This project intends to follow and adhere to the gates and quality criteria used by OPNFV.


Documentation will be available on official Anuket Documentation portal and will include:

  • Pointers to CNTT Reference Architectures for Common NFVI with related information on ingredients and configurations
  • Gaps discovered from experience with integrating, deploying and testing RIs
  • Reference implementation description for Common NFVI
  • Test requirements for Common NFVI
  • All documentation generated by CNTT-RI project will reside in CNTT main repository (migrate to OPNFV CNTT-RI repo in future).


  • This project depends closely on the progress of CNTT.
  • Much work can be done while the CNTT finishes its first RA

Committers and Contributors:



Project Name: Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV)

Based what archived previously in OPNFV, currently there are several sub-projects included in CIRV classified by domain, software delivery validation (short for cirv-sdv), hardware delivery validation(short for cirv-hdv).
Repo name: 

  1. CIRV - main(primary) repo
  2. CIRV-SDV: - cirv software delivery validation
  3. CIRV-HDV: - cirv hardware delivery validation
  5. CIRV-PDF: ??(proposal)
  6. CIRV_Spirent - adjunct repo, dedicated to Spirent, used for uploading/managing code contributions for RI/RC validations in direct support of CNTT 

Lifecycle State: Approved
Primary Contact: Chen Liang <>

Project Lead: Chen Liang <>

Jira Project Name: CIRV
Jira Project Prefix: CIRV
Mailing list tag:

Weekly Meeting:

Anuket Bridge 2

Topic: CIRV weekly meeting
Time: 08:30 Universal Time UTC
Every week on Thursday

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