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Project: Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation(CIRV)

The objective of the CIRV project is to work closely with related Anuket projects and upstream communities and fill gaps for cloud infrastructures defined in Anuket RAs. To perform initial POCs on these gaps and provide required inputs to Anuket Installers and testing projects.


CIRV is an umbrella project comprising multiple sub-projects. Its scope includes:

  • To work with Anuket projects and related upstream communities for the adoption of Reference Architectures defined in Anuket.
  • To translate RAs into deployable scenario descriptions, which can be considered Reference Implementations.
  • To figure out gaps in the Anuket Reference Architecture definitions and work with upstreams or related projects in Anuket to close the gap.
  • To work with installer projects to generate scenarios and deployale code for specific installer.
  • To work with Anuket testing projects and provide inputs on gaps for test requirements and test cases in RI testing.
  • To work with LFN Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC) for integrating RIs, test cases/frameworks with OVP Framwork.
  • To perform initial POCs for gaps identified in Anuket Reference Architecture.

As the Common NFVi initative matures, the project scope is expected to grow significantly.

Key-Info (info.yaml)

project: 'Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV)'
project_creation_date: '2019-09-17'
project_category: 'Integration and Testing'
lifecycle_state: 'Incubation'
project_lead: &opnfv_cirv_ptl
    name: 'Parth Yadav'
    email: ''
    company: ''
    id: 'parthyadav'
    timezone: 'IST'
primary_contact: *opnfv_cirv_ptl
    type: 'jira'
    url: ''
    key: 'CIRV'
    type: ''
    url: ''
    tag: '[CIRV]'
    type: irc
    server: ''
    channel: '#opnfv-cirv'
    - type: 'Zoom'
      # yamllint disable rule:line-length
      # 2019-20 minutes: ''
      repeats: 'weekly'
      time: 'Wed 0830-0930 UTC'
    - 'cirv'
    - 'cirv-sdv'
    - 'cirv-hdv'
    - <<: *opnfv_cirv_ptl
    - name: 'Trevor Cooper'
      email: ''
      company: ''
      id: 'trev'
    - name: 'Sridhar Rao'
      email: ''
      company: ''
      id: 'sridharkn'
    - name: 'Lincoln Lavoie'
      email: ''
      company: ''
      id: 'lylavoie'
    - name: 'Fu Qiao'
      email: ''
      company: ''
      id: 'fuqiao'
    - name: 'Chen Liang'
      email: ''
      company: ''
      id: 'chenliangyjy'
    approval: ''
        - type: 'rename'
          name: 'CNTT-RI -> CIRV'
          link: ''
          # yamllint enable rule:line-length


Parth Yadav

Sub Projects

  • PDF
  • SDV (sdvstate, sdvconfig, sdvurl, sdvmodel, sdvsecurity)
  • HDV

Meeting Logistics

Anuket Bridge 2

Topic: CIRV weekly meeting
Time: 08:30 Universal Time UTC
Every week on Thursday

Slack Channel: #sdv

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