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  • Agenda:
    • Automation for Cloud Infrastructure: discussion led by Saad. As an outcome, Saad is planning to:
      • Review the proposed contents against the existing specs (RA-x, RC-x)
      • Clarify what aspects are specific to IaC vs general CI/CD pipeline (which generally would be out of the Anuket scope)
      • Clarify delineation between VNF/CNF and Network layers, as per the discussion at the meeting
      • Present the updated contents for further discussion and acceptance by the RM meeting, which will allow creation of respective GitHub Issues to define the Laksle scope for this topic
    • Semantic Networking: discussion led by Per. As an outcome, Per is planning to:
      • Move the contents of PR#2546 to RA-2
      • Create a new Issue/PR for RM to discuss the topic on a conceptual level (not on K8s level) as an introductory material for the RA-2 detailed K8s discussion.
    • Hardware Acceleration: discussion led by Petar.  As an outcome, Petar is planning to:
      • Align/map our contents (especially in and around diagram Fig 3-17) to the model discussed in ORAN O-RAN.WG6.AAL-GAnP-v01.00.pdf (especially around ORAN's Acceleration Layer concept)
    • Multi-cloud: discussion postponed to the next RM meeting due to the lack of time
    • Lakelse Schedule - Anuket - Anuket
      • M2 (Scope Freeze) - August 31 




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