Anuket Project



Agenda and Minutes

0.Change of PTL of CIRV
  • Sridhar nominates Parth Yadav as the PTL.
  • Parth Yadav is the only candidate
  • Voting is open for all the team members
  • And all team members are informed about this voting.
1Development Updates


Startup Probes, Liveliness Probes and Readiness Probes:

  • Currently halted, ssh to node not working.
  • SSH is not working properly
  • Node1 is heavily loaded with some workloads, maybe some tests are running.
  • Let us wait today. If it does not resolves then we may have to cross-check with community and ask if we can restart the node.
2Container Artifacts
  • We will have to maintain Container Artifacts for all our tools.
  • Suggestions:
    • We can follow Anuket release naming for tagging images
  • Parth Yadav to update the list all artifacts to maintain.
3Cloud Platform Validation Spec
  • SDV work started as an internship project last year.
  • Now, we have lots of learning and requirements that SDV should deliver.
  • This doc: Cloud Platform Validation Spec is currently under developement
  • The goal is to define all checks in one place for SDV framework.
  • This doc is supposed to evolve as a source of truth for SDV checks implementations.
4Intern Updates

CPU policy and Topology policies:

  • Parth Inamdar will propose new fields in PDF for validation.
  • In Progress.

Observability Pods - Status:

  • This is similar checks as monitoring checks for Airship, so we should follow same naming conventions here.
  • Action Required: Parth Yadav to add validator for Kuberef.

A  K.T. on CNIs in Kubernetes Networking.

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