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  • Agenda:
    • Lakelse Release Scoping and planning: 
      • Review of PRs 
        •  PR#2486: Per to summarise thus topic in RM, but move the K8s details into RA2; discuss at the next RM Meeting
      • We reviewed and agreed on the Lakelse topics and their prioroties: Lakelse Specification Planning Dashboard - Anuket - Anuket
      • Focus on: Storage, Multi-cloud scope for Lakelse, Network semantics  PR#2486 - review, Hardware acceleration 
      • Multi-cloud scope:
        • Needs to be use case driven:
        • Potential topics:
          • Centralised vs autonomous distributed control
          • Orchestration across multi-cloud
          • How to provide connectivity  between different clouds/sites
          • Infrastructure as code
          • Management across multi-cloud
          • Multi-cloud security, Walter volunteered to run with this: Issue#2314
          • Terminology, what to use? Perhaps from OPG? 
      • Hardware acceleration 
        • RM is complete according to Petar; anything missing? Otherwise we can close the topic.
        • ORAN acceleration layer which perhaps should be reflected in RM:      O-RAN.WG6.AAL-GAnP-v01.00.pdf
        • RA-2 is almost complete
        • How to reflect it in RA-1? Planned for Lakesle
        • Test cases 
        • Implementation
      • Lakelse Schedule - Anuket - Anuket
        • M2 (Scope Freeze) - August 31 
        • Infrastructure LCM Automation (9.5.1) - owned by Saad, issue 2087
        • Security updates - owned by Karine- issues 2314, 2481, 2482, 2540, 2541, 2542
        • Storage - owned by John Hartley - Issue 2056
        • PaaS services inclusion - owned by Pankaj - create new issues AP on Pankaj - mid August, based on survey results
        • Suggested by Pankaj new topic: Virtual data path acceleration (vDPA).  Experts needed.


  1. All: Identify interesting Use Cases for Multi-cloud topic, 5G driven?
  2. Walter to invite Riccardo to the next RM meeting to provide the RA-2 needs and points of view.
  3. What do they need from Infrastructure perspective? Alignment OITF-OPG on multi-cloud to be discussed. Tom van Pelt to organise initial meetings with OPG - target in September.
  4. Petar to check Issue #2342. Do we need it?
  5. All: Review ORAN Hw Acceleration Abstraction document O-RAN.WG6.AAL-GAnP-v01.00.pdf
  6. Walter to ask Saad about his participation in Anuket
  7. Walter to reach out to John Hartley about Storage updates
  8. Walter to invite Uli to walk us through use cases in Inter-MEC-cloud-systems-coordination-ETSI-gr_mec035v030101p-2021-06.pdf - target 4th of August



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