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  • Agenda:
    • Lakelse Release Scoping and planning: 
      • We reviewed and agreed on the Lakelse topics and their prioroties: Lakelse Specification Planning Dashboard - Anuket - Anuket
      • Focus on: Storage, Multi-cloud scope for Lakelse, Network semantics  PR#2486 - review, Hardware acceleration 
      • Multi-cloud scope:
        • Needs to be use case driven:
        • Potential topics:
          • Centralised vs autonomous distributed control
          • Orchestration across multi-cloud
          • How to provide connectivity  between different clouds/sites
          • Infrastructure as code
          • Management across multi-cloud
          • Multi-cloud security
          • Terminology, what to use? Perhaps from OPG? 
      • Hardware acceleration 
        • RM is complete according to Petar; anything missing? Otherwise we can close the topic.
        • RA-2 is almost complete
        • How to reflect it in RA-1? Planned for Lakesle
        • Test cases 
        • Implementation
      • Lakelse Schedule - Anuket - Anuket
        • Infrastructure LCM Automation (9.5.1) - owned by Saad, issue 2087
        • Security updates - owned by Karine- issues 2314, 2481, 2482, 2540, 2541, 2542
        • Storage - owned by John Hartley - Issue 2056
        • Muti-cloud (including network aspects) - owned by Walter Kozlowski, Pankaj, John Hartley - create new issues AP on Walter  
        • Hardware acceleration updates - owned by Petar Torre, Tomas Fredberg - create new issues AP on Petar
        • PaaS services inclusion - owned by Pankaj - create new issues AP on Panka
        • Suggested by Pankaj new topic: Virtual data path acceleration (vDPA).  Experts needed.


  1. All: Identify interesting Use Cases for Multi-cloud topic, 5G driven?
  2. Walter to invite Riccardo to the next RM meeting to provide the RA-2 needs and points of view.
  3. Walter reach out to OPG for their input. What do they need from Infrastructure perspective?
  4. Petar to check Issue #2342. Do we need it?



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