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  • Agenda:
    • Lakelse Release Scoping due 29 June 2021: 
      • We reviewed and agreed on the Lakelse topics and their prioroties: Lakelse Specification Planning Dashboard - Anuket - Anuket
      • Lakelse Schedule - Anuket - Anuket
        • Infrastructure LCM Automation (9.5.1) - owned by Saad, issue 2087
        • Security updates - owned by Karine- issues 2314, 2481, 2482
        • Storage - owned by John Hartley - Issue 2056
        • Muti-cloud (including network aspects) - owned by Walter Kozlowski, Pankaj, John Hartley - create new issues AP on Walter  
        • Hardware acceleration updates - owned by Petar Torre, Tomas Fredberg - create new issues AP on Petar
        • PaaS services inclusion - owned by Pankaj - create new issues AP on Panka
        • Suggested by Pankaj nw topic: Virtual data path acceleration (vDPA).  Experts needed.
    • Planning work for RM for next month

Anuket Kali release milestones: 

M0Start of release


M1Release planning


M2Scope Freeze


M3Content Freeze




M5Release Readiness






RM Meeting on 30 June decided to close Issue#1876 "address networking scale" and add this a subtopic in the Multi-cloud topic

Minutes: (chat)

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