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    • Agenda 
      • Agenda bashing
        • From TSC: Technical officers
        • Update to Chapter 10 Gaps
        • Per: In 3 weeks another presentation on K8s Networking (March 24)
      • Updates from Work Groups
        • WG1 xgVela collaboration: Pankaj: Qihui Zhao is XGVELA TSC lead in contact with Pankaj (RM: Walter, Petar, Bob, Gergely, Pankaj), our focused on general PaaS 
        • WG2 Acceleration: Petar: first meeting was held, work in progress, alignment with ORAN 
        • WG3 Storage: Beth: will start in March; Walter Kozlowskicontact Beth
        • WG4 K8s multi-networking and load balancing: Per: presentation to RM on "Network semantics" on Feb 24 (25 minutes); In 3 weeks another presentation on K8s Networking (March 24)
        • WG5 ORAN collaboration: Tomas: Sukhdev, Pankaj, Karine, Toshi, Tom, Arkady and optional Walter,  meeting was held, next step: improving documentation in slide pack for the review in this group and bring it to RM
      • Review RM Issues for closure or next release (date of the next release to be defined)
    • Issue NoStatusDescriptionAssigneeDiscussion

      [RM Ch05] backwards& Forward compatibility #1720

      Walter Kozlowski : after careful consideration I think the current text and its placement in 4.2 is correct as it relates to the cloud infrastructure profiles and flavours, that are defined in 4.2 before the text on backwards compatibility.  We will need rename CNTT to Anuket as in other places. This contents will need to review and possibly update once the Anuket release process is finalised. Agreed: CLOSE, check with Ahmed El Sawaf


      [RM] Add new requirement to address networking scale

      Address scale for multi-site networking:

      Pankaj Goyal: discussed in RA-1, Riccardo Gasparetto Stori: not currently in RA-2, orchestration issues

      Sukhdev Kapur please document the ask, PR as a gap to Chapter 10


      [RM Ch03, Ch04 & Ch05] Storage: enhance content #2056

      Walter Kozlowski: Proposal: reassign to WG3 and to Beth Cohen. RM needs a plan what WG3 can deliver for the Anuket "K release (June 2021); after that we can replace this Issue by more specific issues and close 2056


      [RM Ch2.2] Review use-cases that are used for the analysis

      Walter Kozlowski: this is a very generic issue raised by Tom Kivlin, who moved on form his RA-2 role.  Proposal: take is a topic for the next RM meeting agenda, CLOSE 2067, and if needed raise specific Issues to add new or update existing Use Cases.

      Walter Kozlowski review at the next RM Meeting


      [RM Ch2] Review analysis and whether the documented cloud infrastructure profiles need modifying/adding to


      Walter Kozlowski: similar in a sense to 2067, raised by Tom Kivlin, who moved on form his RA-2 role.  Proposal: discuss with RA-1 Pankaj Goyal and RA-2 Riccardo Gasparetto Stori to request what they need from RM in this area.  If any action needed, replace 2068 by specific Issues/PRs, otherwise CLOSE.

      Riccardo Gasparetto Stori :Assigned 2068 to myself, will generate a proposal for discussion 


      [RM Chxx] Automation (closed loop automation)

      Walter Kozlowski: the issue raised by Walter Kozlowski to discuss at RM.  Proposal: put this as an agenda item for RM meeting, identify what is needed and what cna be done for "K" release, and then replace 2087 by specific Issues, and then CLOSE generic 2087


      [RM Ch03] Illogical sub chapter order

      Walter Kozlowski: there seems to be an agreement how to reorder, any additional comments please do in Proposal: Walter Kozlowski and Tomas Fredberg split up work between them, raise PRs and start working on them


      [RM] Need a profile or flavor for memory intensive applications


      Walter Kozlowski: there seem to be an agreement between Pankaj Goyal, Beth Cohen Karine Sevilla Joao Rodrigues

      on what needs to be done but it is unclear what needs to be done in RM vs RA-1 and RA-2. Proposal: identify actions in RM meeting and re-edit this Issue for RM (alternatively close if no action on RM) and/or add issues on RA- 1 and RA-2.


      [RM Ch03] Update Service Function Chaining 3.5.1


      Walter Kozlowski : this is really new issue (raised 3 days ago and it is currently under review. Agreed: discuss after the review is done.

      Any new issues to be raised in relation to the work currently planned or in progress in work groups, or otherwise? Please add to the table above.

    • Actions:

      • Gaps 10.3.4 (Hardware acceleration)  and 10.3.5 (Multi-cloud architecture) to be CLOSED and removed; action on Walter Kozlowski
      • All: Provide input into Issue discussion in above table
      • Walter Kozlowski include Use Case review into the next RM Meeting
      • All: Memory optimisation: created an issue on memory intensive profile or flavour for comments from the Team
    • Minutes:

    • Tom Van Pelt  agreed to be the Tech Coordinator for GSMA
    • Pankaj Goyal agreed to be the Tech Coordinator for XGVela

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