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    • Agenda 
      • Agenda bashing
        • Anuket release: 6 monthly releases, around mid June and mid Dec, the next ones: 15 June 2021, 14 Dec 2021 - content freeze around 21 May
      • Updates from Work Groups
        • WG1 xgVela collaboration: Pankaj: Qihui Zhao is XGVELA TSC lead in contact with Pankaj (RM: Walter, Petar, Bob, Gergely, Pankaj), our focused on general PaaS 
        • WG2 Acceleration: Petar: come back in March
        • WG3 Storage: Beth: will start in March
        • WG4 K8s multi-networking and load balancing: Per: presentation to RM on "Network semantics" on Feb 24 (25 minutes)
        • WG5 oRAN collaboration: Tomas: Sukhdev, Pankaj, Karine, Toshi, Tom, Arkady and optional Walter proposed  meeting 2000 UTC  to be organised by Tomas next week (Mon or Tue)
      • Review RM Issues for closure or next release (date of the next release to be defined)
    • Actions:

      • Pankaj: XGVela
        • request from XGVela to present Anuket
        • form a working collaboration group between Anuket and XGVela: Pankaj, Bob, Petar, Gergely, Walter (optional)
        • Pankaj to organise the initial first meeting
      • Petar: Acceleration: Petar to organise initial working meeting: Petar, Per, Suresh, Tomas, Arkady, Gergely, Ildiko, Walter (optional) + volunteers (in March) (co-ordination with oRAN)
      • Per: Load balancing: Per to present to RM on how to extend K8s networking (in 2 week time) followed by actions
      • All: Memory optimisation: created an issue on memory intensive profile or flavour for comments from the Team
    • Minutes:


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