This page is created to provide a framework for the modifications of the Anuket Charter and the TSC Operational Guidelines. Both of these documents were inherited from OPNFV and had one set of editing. The final aim of this activity is to reach a TSC consensus and finally an approval on the content of the documents.


Ways of working

Obsolete documents to comment

These documents are the current Anuket Charter and TSC Operational Guidelines commented by the community. The commenting of the actual proposed document are in the following pages:

These documents are kept in here to preserve the community comments of the original documents.

Please do not comment these anymore, but comment the referred pages instead. Any comments to this page will be deferred.

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  1. Attached is my commented version of the Charter. Primary issues are with terms that are not defined.

    Are the TSC Procedures and the TSC Operational Guidelines the same – the terminology would suggest not (Guidelines do not need to be followed).

    1. I've added these comments as inline ones.