NameEarliest time to start the TSC in UTCLatest time to start the TSC in UTCMeeting Window in Hours
12:00 (if needed), 13:00 (preferred)01:00 +112
Pankaj Goyal 14:000500 +115
Georg Kunz 08:0016:008
Walter Kozlowski 20:00 (21:00 April - Oct)13:00 (next day) (14:00 April - Oct)17
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  1. It might work to have a rotating time, where the start-time pain is shared across the time-zones, so members need to allow for meeting possibilities outside their normal 8-hour day. But if members routinely skip the meeting during their "pain-week", the rotation idea fails.  

  2. Al Morton Thanks – added a column for Meeting window so that hopefully that will jog folks to consider a longer slot.

  3. We could alternate times bi-weekly.  To help alleviate the pain, or at least spread it out.

    1. small typo: 1600UTC - 1200 UTC = 4 hours...

  4. yes, maybe alternating the time would work.

    Lincoln Lavoie , Pankaj Goyal what is the meaning of the "+1" in your numbers?

    1. Gergely Csatari 1am the next day.  For me, on the East coast USA, the slot would be 8am to 9pm at night.

      1. Ahh, okay, thanks.

  5. Beth Cohen I think your second time is wrong for UTC, you have 7am to 11am East Coast times listed, which is only a 4 hour window.

  6. I definitely think we will need rotating times.

    Also, perhaps we can have TSC meetings every two weeks not weekly?  We can have extra meetings if and when needed.

  7. As an example, if we had TCS calls fortnightly (every two weeks) and rotating, then I could commit to start at 1am my time in one of these calls (on average it would be once a month, which I can do in contrast to 1am every week, now, which I cannot do). Also, from April to October it is much less of a problem (I can do the current time, for instance), so only November to March is really problematic from my perspective.

  8. I think we need the weekly TSC meetings, sorry.

  9. This should be decided by the full TSC membership.  Let us put this on the agenda for the first TSC meeting in 2023:

    "Discuss the TSC meetings cadency in 2023 and the use of other channels, especially for very specific topics of interest (and understanding) limited to only few members."

  10. I've put this to the agenda for the TSC.

    I think if we would use the mailing list better we could offload lots of discussions of the TSC to there without the need to be on an actual meeting.

  11. We need flexibility from everyone to have meetings outside of normal working hours. If we were to schedule meetings during normal working hours only for everyone, we would never find a time slot.  Speaking for myself, every TSC meeting that I have attended has been outside of normal working hours. It has been worse for others. It is unfair.

    We should also follow the suggestion from Al Morton on rotating meeting timings.


  12. Rotating works, as long as we have good confidence in the calendar system sending invites, so the meeting actually shows up and blocks the time on the calendar. Thus far, I've had to manually add the TSC events to make sure my calendar gets blocked, so my boss or team don't book on top of the TSC meetings.