In 2022, the Anuket Project continued its two release cadence with Moselle delivered in June and Nile following in December. As has been true for the last few years, Anuket has been focused on developing reference models, architectures and specifications in support of infrastructure for virtualized (CNF/VNF) telecom workloads.  The requirements have continued to evolve to cover more use cases in the Reference Model (RM), and align these use cases with changes in upstream communities in the Reference Architectures for OpenStack (RA1) and Kubernetes (RA2). The application requirement specification for the Reference Architecture for Kubernetes matches with the CNCF CNF Conformance program to avoid the fragmentation of conformance programs in the industry, while fostering continued collaboration with the CNCF community. Taking the Reference Model and the Reference Architecture for OpenStack, in 2022 the Reference Conformance for OpenStack has also been released as a GSMA Permanent Release document. We are working with the GSMA on a planned release of the Reference Architecture for Kubernetes (RA2) in 2023.  On top of the enhancement of collaboration with GSMA we plan to continue to evolve our specifications by adding new use cases, aligning with adjacent communities, such as Nephio, O-RAN and Sylva, and further increase the quality and coverage of our Reference Architecture for Kubernetes and conformance projects.  

On the testing side of the project, Functest, the testing framework that supports the conformance and Anuket Assured programs maintains continuous release updates in synch with the upstream OpenStack and Kubernetes releases.  The ViNePerf project continued development efforts to automate test setup and benchmarking of  container networking with various CNI plug-ins (Multus, Cillium) and kernel acceleration (AF_XDP, eBPF), with the help of a Student Volunteer and an Intern from the LF program. 

We also plan to continue the work we started in 2022 to increase the consumability of our project and our deliverables by enhancing our documentation, testing tools and web presence.

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