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Candidate K-release (1H'2021): Rivers in South and South-Eastern Asia

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Kaveri It is the third largest river – after Godavari and Krishna – in South India and the largest in the State of Tamil Nadu, which, on its course, bisects the state into North and South. The Kaveri is sacred river to the people of South India and is worshipped as the Goddess Kaveriamma. The Kaveri is also one of the seven holy rivers of India.[3]
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  1. Al Morton Walter Kozlowski

    Kali was already selected by OPNFV

    Leguer was selected by Functest for which we had to pick an L river conforming with CNTT rules and its release requirements.

    We may take into account the river names already written in CNTT stable docs:

    We should rather vote for M-River for the next Anuket release (RC2 keep rolling the Kubernetes release)

    1. Cedric - Functest does not get to unilaterally select the release names for Anuket.  To be more inclusive with the CNTT folks, we have decided to invite all to help select the K and L release names.

      Heather Kirksey

      1. Jim Baker Heather Kirksey Could be please read my comment carefully? Kali was voted by OPNFV TSC. Yes changing Kali or Leguer would break all CNTT deliverables which are in-used.

  2. There is NO OPNFV release Kali.

    There is an upcoming Anuket release that the community is being asked to name.


  3. Again, again, it was validated by OPNFV TSC and already used by CNTT.

    Jim Baker Would you take the action to modify all code and docs depending of such a move ? and the side effects for the end users?

  4. Jim Baker Here is a first feedback about the side effects as introduced in ONES