Anuket Project

Guidelines for Naming


In order to avoid names that may be objectionable, or that lack sufficient information and images to support release promotion, please observe the following guidelines.

  1. River must be in the region identified in each table header, below.
  2. River must have its own Wikipedia page linked to 
    • Nominator must include link
  3. Linked page for the nominated river must include both an article about the river and at least one photo of the river.
  4. River name must not include language or connotation that is unacceptable (e.g. according to the LF Events Code of conduct.)
  5. In order to avoid messaging confusion, the river name must not be a homophone (e.g. "Fenix" is a homophone of "Phoenix")
  6. LF team will conduct a final review all nominated names.  The LF team will communicate any concerns about any nominated names if they are found to be objectionable, or if they are deemed to be difficult to promote due to lack of images, or other issues.

Release Names

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