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5 min

2 min
  •  Announcements

5 min
  •  Release Updates
  • Pieman
  • Quinnipiac
    • M1  
      • Release string "Quinnipiac Release" created in Jira by a volunteer TSC member or LF staff
        • Volunteer:
        • IT issue: 
      • Release string "Quinnipiac Release" created in GitHub by a volunteer TSC member or LF staff
      • Release milestone dates added to all the GitHub repos by a volunteer TSC member or LF staff
      • PTLs of non specification sub-projects submit project-level release plans if they plan to participate in the release
      • PTLs of specification sub-projects complete specification planning template for the release
        • RM plan was added by
        • RA1 plan was added by
        • RI1 plan was added by
        • RC1 plan was added by
        • RA2 plan was added by 
        • RI2 plan was added by
        • RC2 plan was added by

5 minutes
  •  LFN 2024 Mentorship Program

  •  Health of Anuket sub-projects
    • A: Sandra Jackson to run a report on Anuket contributors and commit report

10 min
  •  Walter as the board representative

2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update

  • TAC
    • Meeting minutes:
    • ONE Summit
      • YouTube playlist will be announced soon, but it is here
      • ~410 participants
      • Jill Lovato will send out a detailed report with all the numbers
    • LFN D&TF
    • Anuket Assured
      • We should archive Anuket Assured and CVC with the induction of CNTI
    • CNTI
      • The charter is still under rework
      • Certification is about adherence of cloud native best practices
        • There are more test in the testsuite than what is in the certification
        • CSP are looking for validation of product cloud native behaviours. CSP might want to have more tests than what is in the certification
        • CNTI is not about validating that a CNF will run on a platform, but about cloud native practices
        • There might be a board meeting on June what is targeted for the CNTI induction

2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

Technical Officer Updates

1 minAOBBeth Cohen