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Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
2 min
  •  Announcements

5 min
  •  Release Updates
  • Pieman
  • Quinnipiac
    • M0
      • Volunteer needed to define the release milestones: Gergely Csatari 
      • Volunteer needed to send a mail to the Tech Discuss mailing list asking for PTLs of non specification sub-projects to submit project-level release plans if they plan to participate in the release and asking the PTLs of specification sub-projects to complete the specification planning template for the release: Beth Cohen 

  • Quinnipiac
    • Beth Cohen will send out the release plan to the Tech discuss mailing list in a day or two.

  • We have not submitted the draft yet. We still have time to do the merger.  Will go into details in a separate meeting at the next RA2 meeting.  Will invite Cedric Ollivier 
5 minutes

Gergely Csatari sent out the questionnaire.  Got 39 responses back.  Will follow up with details in an email.  We will want the intern to start June 1st.  Need to make decision.  Will meet at the tech meeting to decide.

  •  Health of Anuket sub-projects
    • A: Sandra Jackson to run a report on Anuket contributors and commit report

Casey Cain needs to fix the tool.  Sandra Jackson talk to Casey to resolve issue.

No updates.
10 min
  •  Walter as the board representative

Deferred CNTi to add to the LFN because some issues need to be finalized.  Everything else was just updates and reports.
2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update

No updates.

2 min

Sub-project Leaders

5 min

Technical Officer Updates

  • AI Taskforce
    • Whitepaper published
    • Working session on D&TF
      • Future of the task force is under discussion
  • Sylva
    • Uses Anuket as a reference
  • O-RAN 
    • Talk to your WG6 representative
  • CNTI
    • Running a basic Kubernetes conformance test
  • Weekly Technical Meeting
  • XGVela
    • Is not active
  • Nephio
    • Need to ke in touch to make sure they are aware of Anuket as the project develops.

1 minAOBBeth Cohen 
  • No updates