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Parth Yadav

Sridhar Rao

Parth Inamdar

Agenda and Minutes
1Multiple test suite support in SDV
  • Patch in review for adding support for multiple test suites support in the framework.
  • Now we have a Makefile as a helper while doing development work on the sdv framework to quick things up.
  • Parth Inamdar to add checks in k8s_suite for current work on security checks
  • We need to rename the airship validator to the "OOK" validator as it applies to multiple installers with OpenStack on Kubernetes deployment topology.
  • Need to add support for cherry-picking checks. i.e. to disable particular checks for a test_suite while running tests.
2Intern Updates and Queries
  • Clarification: We need to check whether in the cluster(platform) certain linux capabilities for the workload are allowed or not.
  • Use Test Pod for checking linux capabilities check as an approach.
  • Almost the same approach for other security checks.
  • Pre and Post Deployment Validation for Airship 2.0