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  • – Notes for the meeting. 

    - OPNFV enforces by rules one OpenStack release per OPNFV release (mostly 2 release late)
    - OPNFV TSC asked to verify OpenStack master: XCI, Apex
    - Functest manages all versions from master to CNTT needs 

    OPNFV had some rules related to OpenStack – typically was 2 releases behind.  - Functest manages all OpenStack versions from master to address the CNTT requirements.  How can we align the K8s versions with Functest.  Current status is as follows:
    • Functest K8s kali is listed in CNTT RC2 Baraque

    • Functest K8s leguer is listed in CNTT RC2 Elbrus

  • Each Anuket release should support a single specific version of OpenStack and Kubernetes
  • Functest or other Anuket projects can support several releases of these projects
  • The proposal is to create a meta release
    • Keep the current release naming scheme to the different tools
    • And have an overall Anuket release where the different versions of the different projects are part of


Release milestones (M1) - Release planning - Walter Kozlowski, Gergely Csatari

  • We should decide if we would like to define absolute or relative versions of the open source componentsThere was no time to discus this topic