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Target Release NamePieman
Project Lifecycle StateTBD


Deliver a Kubernetes-based reference implementation according to Anuket RA-2 and RM

  • Verify design decisions and assumptions of RA-2, RC-2
  • Provide a reference platform for CNF vendors to develop and test against
  • Provide project repository for code


Fulfill the requirements listed by RA2 Orinoco

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Source Code

All the source code for E2E RI2 Deployment is stored in the OPNFV Gerrit repo:;a=shortlog;h=refs%2Fheads%2Fmaster 

Integration Code

Anuket RI-2 Chapter 04

Release Notes


High level architecture diagram

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Internal Dependencies

  1. Anuket Labs
  2. Anuket Functest, RC-2 Testsuite
  3. GitLab CI

External Dependencies

  1. Cloud Infra Automation Framework
  2. Intel's BMRA
  3. Docker Hub

Test and Verification

Continuous Deployment using GitLab, Verification via Anuket RC-2 testsuite


Risk Description

Mitigation Plan

Very few contributors/developers

guanyu zhu is including in RI2 now

Insufficient lab resources to test all RA-2 requirementsUNH is helping to add pod to Kuberef gitlab pipeline