Anuket Project

The objective of the Kuberef project is to develop and deliver a Kubernetes-based reference implementation according to the RA-2 specifications in close collaboration with the RI-2 and RC-2 projects.

There is a strong demand for a Kubernetes-based reference implementation (RI-2). In particular, it serves as a foundation for

  • verifying design decisions and assumptions of RA-2,
  • selecting and validating test cases for RC-2 and the cloud native OVP, and
  • serving as a reference platform for CNF vendors to develop and test against.

The project...

  • acts as a home for implementation specific discussions beyond the reference specs defined in RI-2,
  • provides a project repository for code,
  • is a consumer of Anuket CI/CD resources (Jenkins jobs) and community labs.

Relationship to RA-2 requirements:

The project does not intend to define platform requirements in addition to RA-2. Instead, if experimental evidence shows that requirements in RA-2 need to be added / modified / removed, this information is given to the RA-2 project.

Committers and Contributors:

In order to contribute to the project, please contact Dan Xu. The project links can be found below.

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