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RefCloud Infrastructure CapabilityUnitDefinition/Notes
cloud.001VM and Container energy use Watt (Joule/s)Real-time electrical power aggregated at VM or Container level
cloud.002NFVI energy useWatt (Joule/s)Real-time electrical power aggregated at NFVI level
cloud.003Load balancing across all cloud resources Equal %Load balance across cloud infastructure
cloud.004Support for all energy KPI to NBI and OSS systesm-Integrate to NBI systems
cloud.005Indirect power reduction by means of energy aware traffic steering


Software sustainability

check @chris wright HOL for this

3.11.3 Energy Savings through Orchestration and Intelligence:


Table 3-8.2 shows possible performance measurement capabilities for the Orchestration and Intelligence Layer 

RefOrchestration and Intelligence CapabilityUnitDefinition/Notes
orchestration.001Data collection and visibility for all Energy KPI in real time 
Infrastructure should enable  new data architectures and orchestration capabilities 
cloud.002Real time tuning of  hardware 



3.11.4 Energy Savings in Applications: