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5 min

Agenda Bashing

Cedric Ollivier :

  • lf-build5 and lf-build6 are down again - Please see Linux Foundation JIRA - IT-25023
  • please share urgently to Cedric Ollivier gsutil's boto file as previously shared with OPNFV installer teams. It's mandatory and urgent for NFVBench, Sample VNF and artifacts management jobs. As these Jenkins jobs are fully hardcoded to gsutil (Google Storage), they cannot work with the s3 creds used by Xtesting.  Please see Linux Foundation JIRA - IT-25024
  • the community has still no rights on Anuket readthedocs (RTD) projects (except Specs and Functest). Needed for Nile release.
  • Fabio Palumbo joined the call to discuss the issue.  Rebooted the instance, but still down as of 1/10/2023.  Working on ticket opened by Cedric Ollivier Cedric Ollivier needs to activate his access to Readthedocs.  Sandra Jackson will resend invite.
  • RA1 and RC1 – PTL leadership change.  Karine Sevilla will be stepping down, but Cedric Ollivier will be taking over the project.  Thank you Karine Sevilla for all your contributions.  Welcome Cedric Ollivier we are in good hands.
2 min


Beth Cohen is our 2023 SPC Representative

Sandra Jackson is in the process of updating the TSC page with the new members.

The node in the lab in the University of Oregon is down.  Sandra Jackson has opened a ticket to get that attended to. Request sent to IT to order PSU for Oregon lab

Welcome to our two newest TSC members – Lei Huang and Dan Xu 

20 minSridhar Rao 

This program is run by the ITU to allow academics and industry people can work on AI projects – AI for Good.  Thoth sponsored a project related to using GANS to generate time series data.  Used Kubernetes chaos tools to generate the data.  Generated the data to be used for the AI projects.  Plan to do this in future years.  The data set is still a problem to address the problem.

2 min 

10 min
  •  TSC Meeting time
    •  Available timeslots for the 2023 TSC meetings
    •  Alternate timeslots
    •  Discuss the TSC meetings cadency in 2023 and the use of other channels, especially for very specific topics of interest (and understanding) limited to only few members.
  • Recommend two polls – one APAC friendly, one EU friendly to figure out what works best for the now far more global TSC.  TSC group seems to be in agreement that bi-weekly alternating meeting times is acceptable. 
5 min
Release Updates

Need to update the release schedule to support the projects that are dependencies for the Anuket projects that have different release schedules.  Scot Steele and Karine Sevilla will work on capturing the dependencies that are outside of Anuket.  

2 min
Beth Cohen Add the link to survey in the Nile release blog that will be published shortly.
2 min
  • GitLab repos
    • We should remove the not used GitLab repos, who can help in that?

Cedric Ollivier already provided the full list of repos which should have been removed ASAP when discussed many months ago. This actions should have been put as high priority as it misleads the endusers with many unsynchronized sources.


2 min

Charter has been updated and DONE!!! New charter is published to the website and the link (Anuket Charter) has been updated on the wiki page. 

New Anuket landing page has been updating.  Still need to figure out what the format of the figures.  We currently use power point, need to table to next week.
2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update
Gergely Csatari , Beth Cohen 

SPC met and highlights include: 

2 min

Sub-project Leaders

Scot Steele will ask for inputs every week.

5 min

Nephio will participate in the Feb. D&TF. 

1 minAOB


Meeting Administration