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Project NameViNePerf
Target Release NameLakelse
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ViNePerf provides an automated test-framework and comprehensive test suite based on industry standards for measuring the data-plane performance in different cloud environments. Dataplane in a cloud includes different switching technologies with physical and virtual network interfaces, and carries traffic to and from workloads running as virtual-machines and containers. The architecture of ViNePerf is agnostic of cloud-type, switching-technology, and traffic-generator. ViNePerf allows user to customize the test-cases, network-topology, workload-deployment, hardware-configuration, and the versions of the software components such vswitch, vnf, cnf, cni, etc. ViNePerf can be used both pre-deployment and post-deployment of the cloud. Though ViNePerf architecture is designed for evaluation of dataplane of clouds in Lab environments, it can also be in production clouds.  ViNePerf methods follows standards developed by the IETF and ETSI NFV, and contribute to the development of new standards.



  1. DPPD-Prox Support in ViNePerf
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  2. Kubernetes - East-West Scenarios. 
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  3. Enhance X-Testing and ViNePerf Integration
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  4. Trafficgen/Loadgen Deployment Tool
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DPPD-Prox Support in ViNePerf

Source Code: Python Files, Config-files.

Pod-Defn Files - Yaml

Kubernetes - East-West Scenarios

Source code: Python files

Helm-charts, Pod Defn files.

Enhance X-Testing and ViNePerf Integration

Source Code: Python Files.

(config files)

Trafficgen/Loadgen Deployment Tool
Source Code: Python Files


High level architecture diagram and see Scope above.

Internal Dependencies

SampleVNF/Prox - incorporated as a traffic gen during this release..

External Dependencies

OpenStack, K8s and CNI plugins like MULTUS etc. ETSI NFV TST009, IETF BMWG.

Test and Verification

As a test project, evaluation of the project is relatively continuous. RC-related evaluations will be conducted using RI-compliant systems and pre-compliant systems


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Risk DescriptionMitigation Plan
small number of developersInterns (Thanks to LF)
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