Anuket Project

The purpose of this page is to track notes and artifacts used to develop the release process.

DateDescriptionNotes / Link


TSC approves schedule for the Lakelse release


Completed review of comments to Release Process Milestone Planning 


First Release Process Development Meeting


Established release process meeting (Fridays, 7 a.m. Pacific) to resolve issues and continue process developmentRelease Process Development Meeting


Milestone proposal reviewed in tech discuss meeting and feedback provided.


Created milestone proposal and schedule proposal for June releaseRelease Process Milestone Planning


Presentation at Development and Test Forum, Feb 4, to build consensus on goals and objectives of the release processAnuket Release Process Issues and Objectives-2.pdf


Identify tasks for which there is a gap in creating a release processRelease Process Tasks


Meeting to discuss release process and develop consensus on a preliminary proposal, which was presented to TSC on Feb 23.Anuket Release Process Preliminary Proposal.pdf
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