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Anuket Project

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Project/Workstream Lead
Airship Installer
CIRV @Liang Chen
Virtualized Reference Architecture (RA1) Karine Sevilla
Containerized Reference Architecture (RA2) Riccardo Gasparetto Stori
Functest Cedric Ollivier
SampleVNF Luc Provoost
ViNePERF Al Morton
Reference Model Walter Kozlowski
Reference Conformance (RC2) Cedric Ollivier
Reference Conformance (RC1) Cedric Ollivier
Reference Implementation (RI1) Cedric Ollivier
Containerised Reference Implementation (RI2) Dan Xu
Compliance and Verification Lincoln Lavoie
Compliance and Verification Yan Yang
Compliance and Verification Marc Price
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