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Reference ModelWalter Kozlowski Updated contents in Hardware Infrastructure Manager section in Chapter 3, aligning and referencing (where needed) Redfish standard. Prior to Pieman, Hardware Infrastructure Manager existed in RM as a concept only.  Now, it can be implemented, e.g., using ODIM as a basis.

Reference ModelAdd Load Balancer into RM technology agnostic definition, aligned to  RA2 PR #3415 .Important definition of an important component; the importance is based on a functional description, not on a specific implementation as typically LB technologies are defined.[RM Ch3] Load Balancer by petorre · Pull Request #14 · anuket-project/RM (
Reference ModelWalter Kozlowski We have started a technology agnostic guidance  to assist in planning more efficient energy consumption by the open-source based cloud infrastructure. The RM focus is on the energy efficiency of the workload/infrastructure interaction.The energy savings are becoming a major issue for the telecom industry. With the massive use of data, the energy efficiency in the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environment needs a consolidated approach by the ecosystem players.


[RM Ch 3] Energy efficiency opportunities by walterkozlowski · Pull Request #11 · anuket-project/RM (

[RM Ch 3] Energy efficiency updates by walterkozlowski · Pull Request #18 · anuket-project/RM (

Reference ModelAdded discussion on automated TLS certificate lifecycle management for workloads (from the infrastructure perspective).This adds a missing piece in the Security chapter of RM (Chapter 7)

[RM Ch7] Certificate LCM for workloads by petorre · Pull Request #22 · anuket-project/RM (

RA2Add Express Data Path (AF_XDP) network acceleration specs, enabling faster and more efficient data plane traffic processing.This provides an agreed network acceleration implementation, which benefits all users with containerised data plane functions

RA2Update to Kubernetes 1.29, including API specs and new functionalityThis keeps the kubernetes release in scope of RA2 in the kubernetes community support window, providing updated releases, security fixes, and functionality.

RA2Add PaaS Services requirements - including Load Balancer, monitoring, tracing, loggingPaaS services are essential operational add-ons to kubernetes, which implement containerised network function monitoring, logging, traffic steering, etc.

RA2Add cert-manager for TLS certificate lifecycle managementA number of network functions require TLS certificates, this plugin allows to manage their lifecycle automatically

RA2Add Load Balancer specs, for ingress traffic distribution across microservicesLoad balancers steer traffic across the pods that compose containerised network functions. RA2 is specifying what is required of a load balancer to integrate with a Kubernetes based Telco cloud.

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