Anuket Project


  • Final documentation completed
  • RI cookbook completed
  • Remaining Jira issues assigned to the release closed or pushed to next release
  • Prepare release artifacts
    • Tag the version of artifacts to be released
      • releng job updated to use release branch instead of master
    • Release manager collects artifact references from PTLs and communicates those to releng
    • Releng moves artifacts to hosting location and provides URLs to RM
    • RM verifies URLs
    • RM provides confirmed URL list to website manager (aka Brandon) for publication on the website
  • Standalone project testing completed
  • Verify that there are no unmerged patches
  • Release content finalized
  • Creation and submission of marketing highlights
  • Finalize version numbering for RM, RA1, RA2
  • Traceability matrix updated

Notes on M5


  • Proofreading completed. 

Notes on M4-S


  • RI validation testing completed. The lead for each RI presents the validation plan and results to the TSC.
  • High priority Jira issues resolved (closed or assigned to future release)
  • Software projects create release branch
  • Specification content created matching high level issues (M2) (Note: moved from M3, per TSC agreement Mar 29, 2022)
    • Workstream leads review PR status with TSC
    • PRs indicated as closed on the specification dashboard

Notes on M4


  • RC2 - RC workstream lead confirms successful completion of validation test plan (statement in TSC meeting or email to TSC list)
  • High priority Jira issues resolved (closed or assigned to future release)
  • Preliminary documentation completed (confirmed by DOCs team)
  • RI2 development completed (confirmed by workstream lead)

Notes on M3


  • RC2 - ready to begin validation testing (statement in TSC meeting or email to TSC list)
  • RC2 - coverage of RA specified
  • Jira issues assigned to release for each participating project (should reflect work described in project release plan)
  • High level issues identified by specification team and appear on dashboard.

Notes on M2


Notes on M1

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