Anuket Project

Reference Model

Issue #StatusDeliverableComments
2794ClosedHybrid Multi-Cloud
  • Multi-cloud interaction summary table and examples  (Issue#2806 CLOSED) - PR#2824 - approved and merged, closing umbrella  Issue#2794. Chapter 8, Section 8.5.3 "Requirements, Reference Architecture & Industry Standards Intersect"
  • Hybrid / multi-cloud security and regulatory (Issue #2804 BACKLOG), reviewed  Sec 8.5.5 "Aspects of Multi-Cloud Security", and Requirements in Sec 7, no gaps found, review to be continued post Moselle

  • Single pane requirements (a minimum set) (Issue #2797 CLOSED), Chapter 8 in the new Requirements section 8.5.4 - PR#2902; approved and merged
  • Software supply chain security (Issue#2838 CLOSED) - PR#2913 approved and merged into a new section 7.7 'Software Supply Chain Security"

  • Regulatory directives for cybersecurity (Issue#2839 CLOSED) - PR#2981 approved and merged into a new section 7.9 "Cloud Regulatory Compliance"
  • SBOM content added  - PR#2978 approved and merged into section 7.7.3 "Software Bill of Material (SBOM) Security"

  • Add reference to FS.40 v2 which is now a non binding PRD and must be added, Issue #2828 (CLOSED); PR#2982 approved and merged

  • RST Updates - Virtual Storage - Tenant Reference, storage types, use cases and stereotypes;  PR#2969 approved and merged into Section 3.6.3 "Storage for Tenant Consumption"
2087ClosedInfrastructure LCM Automation 
  • Infrastructure LCM Automation Introduction (Issue#2816 CLOSED) - PR#2851 merged into Section 9.5.2 "Infrastructure LCM Automation"
  • Infrastructure LCM Automation final update includes Introduction, Framework, Best Practice, Principles  (Issues#2816,2848, 2849, 2850 - CLOSED) - PR#2929 merged  into Section 9.5.2 "Infrastructure LCM Automation"
2785ClosedGeneral PaaS Services
  • Load Balancer Requirements, (Issue 2906 CLOSED), PR#2907 approved and merged into Section "Platform Services - Load Balancer Requirements"
  • Logging, (Issue #2960 CLOSED), PR#2961 -  approved and merged into Section "Platform Services - Log Management Services (LMS)"
  • Monitoring (Issue #2957 CLOSED), PR#2958  approved and merged into Section "Platform Services - Monitoring Service Requirement"
  • Should we flesh out the specs for infrastructure monitoring from ETSI GS NFV-TST 008 V3.5.1  (question form RA-2); PR#2983 Internal Performance Metrics approved and merged into Section "Internal Performance Measurement Capabilities"

Reference Architecture 1

Issue #StatusDeliverableComments
  • Lifecycle Automation: align with RM development on automation (issue #2238), PR#2971
  • Deployment automation: give more guidance (issue #2776), PR#2971
2784ClosedHybrid and multi cloud
  • Hybrid multi-cloud orchestration, OMNI project (#2784) → OMNI inactive project, issue closed
  • Evaluate other communities: ONAP, GSMA OPG, ...  (#2784) → out of RA1 scope, issue closed
  • Development on acceleration focusing on use cases. Identify the acceleration needs and technologies for workloads hosted in Data Centre and for workloads deployed at the edge (#2786)

2860 Closed 

2861 Backlog

2874 Backlog

  • Chapter 3 (issue #2860), PR#2986

 Expand the section "Virtual storage" highlighting the storage requirements for workloads and for the infrastructure components. Refer to RM chapter 3.

On the "Cloud Topology" section, describe the differences per hosting environments: large DC to edge infrastructures, in conjunction with RM Chapter 3, 3.6.4. Storage scenarios and architecture fit.

  • Chapter 4 (issue #2861), backlog

Develop on interactions between OpenStack Cinder/Swift and storage backends.

Add examples of backend solutions.

  • Chapter 4 (issue #2874), backlog

In "Edge cloud topology", add a sub section addressing hyperconverged SDS for edge cloud



  • Collect requirements and characteristics from existing production deployments ( Chapters 2 & 4) (issue #2500)

Covered in chapter 4, by PR#2964

New issue in backlog to develop associated requirements in chapter 2 during  Nile release (issue #2989)

2775ClosedCloud Topology

Content improvement (issue #2775), PR #2964

  • Chapter 03: Topology overview, make clearer the redundancy models, eventually with high level diagrams
  • Chapter 04: Cloud Topology and Control plane scenarios, in table 4-5,  "*" and "**" need to be defined
2732ProofreadingSpecification references updates 
  • Chapter 2 (issue #2877) - Review all the requirements' tables of chapter 2 and add, when it is missing, a specification reference pointing where the requirement is addressed.

Reference Architecture 2

2511 (pr: 2900)ClosedApplication Packaging specs
  • Add HELM or other CNF packaging specs
  • Clarify relationship with TOSCA and ONAP packaging


Moved to backlog

Monitoring & telemetry
  • Input from Barometer re: metrics and architecture
  • add requirements for monitoring
  • add specs on caas cluster monitoring & telemetry


Moved to backlog

Service Mesh
  • clarify l2/3 vs l7 service mesh
  • add service mesh requirements in ch2
  • add service mesh specs in ch4


Moved to backlog

CaaS Manager interface
  • define API for CaaS manager interface
  • define required CaaS LCM operation through API
  • API to allow flavours and profiles of clusters



2798 (pr: 2945)

2509 (pr: 2910)

2807 - Closed

2259 - Open - Moved to backlog

2798 - Closed

2509 - Closed

Updates & fixes
  • Align with RM
  • Host OS
    • restore host OS requirements
    • refresh host OS and kernel specs for CNF support
  • align ch4 specs and ch2 requirement references
  • K8s 1.23
    • update references to k8s 1.23
    • remove deprecated features and APIs
    • add relevant new features and APIs
    • align conformance testing ref ch6

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