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Kali Release Plan

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Intel Pod10/15/18

(a) Add More Testcases

(b) Add TRex Support.

(c) Multi-Dimensional TestVNF Support

Kubernetes CNB - Phase2

Intel Pod12

(a) Multiple Pods (Done)

(b) Multiple Hosts (Dependent of d)

(c) Containerizing vswitch (Contiv/Vpp)

(d) Containerized TGens (* Licensing, ecosystem of pods *)

(e) DanM ( Parth Yadav)

(f) DPDK Version has any performance impact? (ToDo)

(g) Different eBPF/Cilium Plugin? (Contiv VPP).

(h) Memif interface (Dependency on Userspace CNI Plugin).


 (i  Dataplane performance with 'chaos'

(j) XDP.


K8S Cluster Deployment.

Plugins: Multus - OVSDPDK, VPP and SRIOV.

Pod: DPDK+L2/L3 FWD.

VSPERF-Xtesting Integration

(a) More testcases

(b) Run in Pod12.

(c) K8S

Improve TRex Integration - Better Data analysis


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