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Work items identified and in progress for Kali:

TitlePR or issue numberAssigned to or expected from, or comment
[Common] Technical PoliciesPR 2407, PR 2419merged
[RM Ch02] proposal with hierarchical infrastructure profilesPR 2312merged
[RM Ch3] Improve text about standardized interfacesIssue 2327


[RM Ch4] Basic and High Performance Flavor profilesPR 2320merged
[RM Ch3] Added 3.4.2 Time Sensitive WorkloadsPR 2386merged
[RA1 Ch03/04] RM Hardware AccelerationIssue 2239is umbrella issue, to be worked once RM changes settle | RA1 meeting decided to include in next release as it requires a new OpenStack release selection.

[RA2] More clarifications to acceleration (and SR-IOV)

  • Device Plugin operation and example
  • Operator Pattern
  • Containers Bare Metal and in VMs
Issue 2255, PR 2415, PR 2416, PR 2417

PR 2415 ready to merge, others merged

[RA2 Ch3] Add Smart SwitchesIssue 2330

[RA2 Ch3, Ch4] Require NFD and Device Plugins

[RA2 Ch4.3] Define profile/flavour labels for relevant Hardware Acceleration Abstraction options

PR 2355merged
[RA2 Ch6] Add Gaps for missing controller/APIs/interfaces for relevant Hardware Acceleration Abstraction optionsIssue 2300gaps will be clearer after working on more above issues and related PRs
[RC2] Write test case for CPU Instructions and Fixed Function Accelerator
Common ALL kubernetes proposal

arkady kanevsky

List of ideas from vF2F:

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  1. From Petar Torre's Notes from Meeting on 2021-04-28::


    Reviewed .

    Kali Content Freeze is June 1st.

    RC test cases for acceleration devices: For fixed function also check that functionality works beyond device being mapped. That might be very complex for SmartNICs.


    [Common] Technical Policies Issue 2352 : Is for Exception + SR-IOV Policy. PRs needed for various chapters. Karine is working and can use help from all.

    Review (is major change; mark with inline comments) . Replace 4.2 from Confluence completely except for 4.2.7. Then then add parts from PR 2320 "Basic and High Performance Flavor profiles".

    [RM Ch3] Added 3.4.2 Time Sensitive Workloads PR 2347: Gerge to resolve change request. Then can be merged.

    [RA1 Ch03/04] RM Hardware Acceleration: Is umbrella issue. To be worked once RM changes settle.

    [RA2 Ch3, Ch4]: Require NFD and Device Plugins #2355: Gerge to incl. SR-IOV as per Pankaj' ask.